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Located in Kanata, Ontario Canada, Warren Barbour Productions is an independent record label and audio-video production company owned and operated by Warren Barbour.  

Warren has accumulated more than 50 years of knowledge and professional experience in all aspects of the music business.  He founded the popular Canadian band Octavian in 1969 and was signed to MCA Records Canada in 1974, releasing 1 album and 6 singles.  He proudly displays 2 awards in his studio from BMI Canada Limited in 1975 and 1976 for recognition of his songwriting successes and “outstanding contribution to Canadian music”.  In 1982 he and his band Chain Reaction signed a artist recording contract with Attic Records, releasing 1 album and 2 singles.   

In September 2017, Warren released the 12 song CD titled “It All Begins With You” for the rock band Song Monster and marketing is well underway.

Warren Barbour Productions offers clients a wide range of in house services, which include:

  • Comfortable recording facilities for audio and midi instrument performances using professional DAW software or legacy hardware
  • Audio engineering services for recording, mixing and mastering phases
  • Music production
  • Sound design
  • Band, orchestral and vocal harmony arrangement, directing, scoring
  • Composition
  • Coaching on song writing.  Collaboration.
  • Musicianship, vocals
  • Videography, photography, graphic arts design, editing, AV synchronization
  • Video concept, storyboard, final production compilation, video release
  • Record label and world wide distribution
  • marketing strategy
  • Publishing (partner company WarrBill Music)
  • Online storefront for selling his artist’s music

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